Device Control

Infinite Flexibility, Uncomplicated And Efficient

Cloud-Services back or forth: The USB Flash drive still is an important tool used to exchange data. To avoid sensitive data is falling into the wrong hands, DriveLock takes care of the control of all flash drives.

Full Control Of The Usb Interface

As an interface, the USB port is a typical way for malware to enter and sensitive data to leave the company. You’re on the safe side only with DriveLock. Our solutions provide full control in terms of “Who, what, when, where and how” – without inhibiting the productivity of the employees.

Perfect Adjustability To Your Workflow

Every company is dealing with different data – flexibility with Device Control therefore is a must have! The uniqueness of DriveLock is the flexible customization based on your requirements. Only our system offers 17 different dimensions – from users and groups through time of day all the way to network location – to uncomplicated and flexible set up of your own rules. From a complex operations agreement to enforcement of strict guidelines, all scenarios can be covered.


  • Integrated data flow control through data type examination
  • pre-defined file filter groups of common file types
  • complete monitoring capabilities through extensive audit of file operations, including shadow copies
  • offline- enabling through enable codes
  • additional security with shared networks or WebCAV based drives
  • remote access on agents and display of currently valid settings
  • most flexible control of externally connected medias
  • proactive prevention of CD/DVD burner usage
  • integrated data flow control through file type examination (e.g. no .EXE files on shares)
  • multi-lingual, self-configurable user notifications