Storage Disaster, Recovery & Backup Solutions

How long can your business website afford to be down? Can you afford to lose your online business data? None at all! Indeed no business can withstand the loss of data in this competitive environment. After all, your loss is your competitor's gain! At ARBP, we offer you peace of mind with our cutting-edge backup, disaster recovery, and storage solutions, ranging from Network Attached Storage (NAS) to Storage Area Networks (SANs). As a global leader in storage solutions, we have the best IT infrastructure in Dubai to support physical and virtual environments, helping you recover anytime anywhere from a natural or manmade disaster. Our first-class services include:

  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Network Infrastructure & IT Security Solutions
  • Telephony Solutions
  • Storage, Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions
  • Messaging Solutions
  • Structured Cabling & Data Centre / CCTV
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions

Our Storage Solutions

With easy-to-deploy NAS systems, our clients can have quick and reliable access to data in an IP networking environment. Small and medium-sized organizations, with no IT departments of their own, depend on us for NAS solutions that allow them to consolidate storage and backup data, thus increasing efficiency, boosting reliability, and reducing costs. This also helps in simplification of storage administration and easy scaling to meet their ever-growing storage needs while enabling you to keep pace with growth.

Our SAN systems are designed to increase storage efficiency, handle more sophisticated storage needs, and boost data storage performance while increasing efficiency of mission-critical applications and working with existing Ethernet network. As a leader in storage solutions, we offer SAN systems with an iSCSI solution, which is better alternative to Fibre Channel systems dominating the SAN market.

As a partner with some of the leading storage solution providers, ARBP offers you affordable solutions for data recovery, backup, and storage. Our remote IT support in Dubai and cloud-based storage solutions offer you peace of mind that your business data is in safe hands – which is your biggest business asset and that you can't afford to lose.

Data Backup Experts

Thanks to our high-tech IT infrastructure in Dubai, we leverage avant-garde technology for data backup for clients facing challenges in backing up their ever-increasing volumes of data — which may span across multiple sites. ARBP understands the need for organizations to accomplish data backup at a lower cost and thereby offers its innovative data backup, recovery, and retention services, ensuring you have easy access to your data in the right place. This also ensures that customers get access to right data at the right time when they need it the most.

As a strategic partner in your growth, ARBP is committed to your success. Our expert staff offer constant IT support in Dubai and work closely with you to understand your challenging business environment, helping you design and integrate cost-effective solutions customized toward your unique requirements. ARBP offers installation assistance and consulting for most of the products that we carry, please don't hesitate to inquire if you are in need for any of these services.